Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Prince in the Back Yard

Britain's SKY NEWS reported that Prince William landed his HELICOPTER in Kate Middleton's back yard as part of a "routine training sortie"....

LONDON, England — Military officials have defended a decision to allow Prince William to land his Royal Air Force helicopter in girlfriend Kate Middleton's garden.

The Ministry of Defense issued a statement after the News of the World reported the prince had landed the aircraft at the property in Berkshire on April 3.

OH MY GOODNESS! That is SO CRAZY ROMANTIC!!! I love fairy tales, (if you know me, I am the BIGGEST Disney fan)and it is so cool to hear a sorta modern day one!

And hey, it might have been a waste of public money, but really, can you say that politicians here dont waste public money constantly? Like say the "Love Gov" and the Tea Pot Museum in Sparta North Carolina.

Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., who, with Sen. Richard Burr, got the Teapot Museum its money. They also received several thousand dollars in campaign contributions from the project's lobbyists.

Foxx told us she's simply claiming a share of the money Congress sets aside each year for such purposes, called "earmarks."

"The money's gonna be spent, and it's up to us to again be advocates for our areas to try to help with those areas," Foxx said.

They say the money is there, why shouldn't we have a piece of it — so what's wrong with that?

"That is exactly the kind of attitude that got us $29 billion in pork in 2006," said Leslie Paige of Citizens Against Government Waste.

That's right, $29 billion worth of race-car research, something called the Cattle Congress — and teapot museums.

Does anyone know where Sparta is? Or that it is an hour and a half from an airpot? I do cause I used to live near there when I was younger, and drive through it on the way to visit family-trust me, thousands of people are not flocking to see all the teapots sitting there in the building our tax money paid for. People are; however, driving over the potholes in the highway that runs near Sparta. NIIIIICE.

Seriously, I'd much rather have a politician (though Prince sounds much more romantic, I'll say Prince)...I'd much rather have a Prince using the money to fly to the girl he loves for a visit than to have the other shameful wastes of money (ahem, Love Gov) that go on here every day.

But that is just me. Perhaps because I am a coffee drinker I just don't understand the need for a teapot museum.

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Levi said...

You're exactly right and this coming from the member of congress who voted against Katrina Aide citing wasteful spending.
Foxx's record on these issues is atrocious.
That is why I am supporting Roy Carter for congress, http://www.roycarterforcongress.com
I hope you will too!