Friday, April 18, 2008

Family Farm Days!

Well, today Little Dude and I, along with my friend Jess and her son Kip, are going to NC State's Agriculture Awareness "Family Farm Days" over on Lake Wheeler Road. I tried to find a link with info, but honestly I am too tired from staying up until 10pm with friends. (When did I get old?)

Anyways, we will be heading off right after lunch to partake in tractor riding, farm animal petting, and some fresh, homemade icecream from NC State's dairy/agriculture program. YAY! (Really, what else do you need to encourage Moms taking a toddler to pet a bunch of farm animals? Icecream does it for me!)

This weekend is also the Walt Disney World "Blogger Conference" and my bloggy friend, Steph, over at Adventures in Babywearing is going! I wish I could go, but I know it would also be hard to leave Little Dude for 3 days. Though if you have to leave the kids behind while you go somewhere, Disney World sure is the place to do it!! Have fun, Steph!

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