Monday, April 21, 2008

Varicose Veins and toddler swings

So, I did some research this weekend, and I found out that Vitamins K and C work together to strengthen vein walls. You can bet I am now going to be eating all the Vitamin K and Vitamin C containing foods possible! Lucky for me I am craving salads like crazy, and Kale, Leafy Green Veggies, and Cheddar Cheese are good sources for K. Vitamin C is a different story, since with my acid reflux I have been avoiding acidic foods; however, I will be starting an orange eating regimen here soon!

In other news, we now have a swing set up for Little Dude! Yay! I am so excited! Our friend, Chuck, gave us his son's old slide and swing, and we put the swing on our old frame. (Long story short, it is an old frame left here by the old owners). After I get some Dakno done this week I am going to work on priming and painting the frame! Also, I have my eye on a cute toddler car shaped swing at Home Depot, which I think since we lucked out in getting a free big boy swing, and had not been able to get rid of the frame (lucky for us, now!), we can splurge on the car swing. I want to get it all set up and ready by this weekend, because Little Dude is getting baptized and we are having a full on party/get together to celebrate! So, with our little village and the swings, there should be plenty for all the kids we are planning on having over, so perhaps the parents can partake in some relaxation, food and fun!

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Andrea said...

Let me know if I can help at all for Saturday's celebration. Seriously, let me know!