Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday-Finding Children's Toys

It is another Works For Me Wednesday hosted by Rocks In My Dryer! My tip this week is about finding great deals on baby/toddler/children items-especially outdoor toys! I have two words:

Craig's List

Yes, I am a Craig's List fanatic! I look through it every few days to see if great Little Tikes items or other such great outdoor gyms are put up for sale. So far I have found an outdoor castle with slide, lego tables and chairs, ride on cars, a play house, play kitchen, play food, play construction toys, a second nursery curtain that actually matched the one I had been given! (Little Dude's window has two windows) It is the greatest source for finding inexpensive baby items without having to go through the bidding wars or uncertainty of condition that ebay has. (Though I do love ebay too!)

With Craig's List you can still back out of the deal if you get to the item and see it is not in the condition you want to pay for, or haggle the price down.

Also, it is a great source for getting rid of unwanted baby items and making some quick cash at the same time!

So, happy hunting guys! I am off today to pick up a cozy coupe car for Little Dude that I found for 10 dollors. AWESOME, because they are $50 dollars new, and that is without shipping! Yes, Craig's List is my friend.


Andrea said...

I am a big believer in craigslist too and I think it's a great community tool and inexpensive way to replace and get rid of items at the same time. We got our green couches off of craiglist.

Oh, and Emily is so pretty!!

Cindy said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog post. I hope you get to camp soon, although I don't recommend it while pregnant (no fun getting up from a bed on the floor!)

I use Craig's List a lot for kids stuff too!

Andrea said...

I need your help! I want to add your blog and others blogs to my "blogroll" but I don't know how and I accidently posted your blog on Weds to my page because I pressed the wrong button! Haha!