Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So yesterday we drove to Pennsacola, FL to take my mother in law to the airport. Since we were in the area, we went ahead and made a side trip on the way home to go visit the National Air and Naval Museum again. It was, again, super fun and we made it around the the second floor this time, where there was a ton of NASA exhibits. SUPER cool!

As we left, Little Dude threw a fit. Partly he was hungry, partly he was tired, and partly he just didn't want to leave. So, he threw himself down, I had to drag him out of there, literally, and THANK GOD for my Mei Tai having pockets because I had to use both hands to get Little Dude to come with me. I swear some people were debating wheather I was kidnapping him-he was fighting me tooth and nail the whole way, and I even have a bite mark to prove it.

After finally getting Little Dude strapped into the car, and JR buckled into his seat-both screaming at the top of their lungs- I took a moment to lean against the car. I was dreading the hour drive I still had to get back to Mobile, and reall dreading even getting in the car my two terrors, er, bundles of joy, when an old woman started to get into the car next to mine. She came over, and I thought for sure I was going to get Parenting Advice, but instead she gave me this little gem:

"Someday you'll look back and wish these boys hadn't grown up so fast."

And then she smiled and walked on, leaving me very thoughtful.

Though yesterday I was ready to thrash my little bundle of toddler joy, I was quickly reminded that even these tough tough parenting moments will soon pass and become just memories. And, gasp, I might actually wish I were back in them, so I better enjoy them while I can.


John and Caitlin said...

Bite marks???? Jeez, little dude went to town on you! You're such a good mommy Miche. I'll be lucky if I have half your patience....

Momma said...

thanks for sharing that story! when I got to the part about what the lady said it actually gave me chills. there are so many times when Sweet Pea is crying I just want to be out of that stage of life. It's good to be reminded we shouldn't wish it all away. :)

Mike said...

And a year from all those thrash-em moments, you'd have a great laugh about them.


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