Friday, April 17, 2009

Finding The Genius

This is my favorite quote in the whole world:

Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Albert Einstein

During those times I am feeling off, put down, and, well, like I just am not good at what I am trying to do, I remember this quote.

There are many things we can all do, and many things we can't, but if we only judge ourselves by the things we can't, we will surely miss the things we can.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I myself will be working on being the fish that perfects swimming, instead of the fish trying to climb a tree. Wish me luck.


Momma said...

what a great reminder! thanks...I think I needed that. :)

John and Caitlin said...

I love Einstein for all of his quotes! The one you posted is particularly inspiring. I have one hanging in my hallway that reads "If we knew what we were doing, we wouldn't call it research". It's helpful on the bad days.

on a related (kinda) note: This article on MSNBC talks about some of the new guidlines the NIH (national institute of health, aka where 90% of scientists get their money) is proposing on stem cell research. I thought you would find them intersting, based on the conversation a few weeks ago.

I'm up for sushi whenever you and bill are in town. Come back soon!

Casual Friday Everyday said...

I'd never heard of that quote before. I'll take this one with me through my parenting career. Because, I'm sure there will be times when my son's do horrible on a math test (for example), but they totally excel at something else. Not that math is important, but I don't ever want them to be stupid and let that define them.