Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Lift My Lamp Beside The Golden Door

We went to the park yesterday, and I met a young mom (I say young, she was probably only a little younger than me-now I feel old). Anyways, we started talking in that way that lonely moms desperately need, throwing off all caution of strangers and differences, bonding merely over the fact that we had kids, and needed to talk to another adult.

As we talked, I learned that she was living in a hotel, while her husband was here working for the next few weeks, and that in a few months they will start house hunting to move here. From California. Where all their family is. Where they grew up, and where all their kids were born. They will be more then a 15 hour drive away; they will have a far enough drive that they probably won't ever be driving back. And with 3 children, and a tight budget, they probably won't be flying back anytime soon for visits.

As we talked, I found myself listening more than talking, giving her the support she desperatly needed, along with directions to all the local fun stuff they will have here in their new home. As I saw her starting to get excited about Mobile, I started reflecting back on some advice another friend, Cathy, had given me when I had explained how Bill and I were not sure where we might end up, being transfered here permenatly or getting to go back to NC:

Abraham trusted in the Lord, and gave up everything he knew, left his land and home, and followed where the Lord guided him to go, doing what he had to do because he trusted God would look out for him, and God did and greatly blessed him.

When Cathy first told me of Abraham's strength and faith, I had brushed it off, not really making the connection.

But when I met Susan yesterday at the park, I realized that perhaps God is showing me a sign. That while I am in between, and a bit of a traveler, not knowing where we will end up, not able to make plans for the future, and having to just do what is best for our family as the choices come, perhaps I can be a tool of comfort for others going through similar events. Perhaps, this is my chance to truly offer comfort to others in need, and lend myself as a staff for them to lean on and find supportive rest.

So, if you need an ear to complain to, to contemplate with, and unload a bit of your anxiety, I'll be at the park at 11.


@sweetbabboo said...

Ah, I'm glad you were there for her. You were exactly what she needed, I'm sure. I hope you guys exchanged numbers b/c I'm thinking you have even more to talk about now than just kids. :)


Andrea said...

You're such an elegant writer - I love to read your blogs!