Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I've got a walker

JR is all about standing now. This morning he was standing in his crib to greet me when I came to get him. He stands at the train table so he can be Godzilla to Little Dude's tracks. He can now stand as he pulls on my legs for attention.

And this morning he took a step. Between the couch and coffee table. And he made it!

I am so excited for him, and at the same time, so very sad to see little bits of his babyhood morph into toddlerhood.


Andrea said...

Yay! That's so awesome. I can't believe it!

I'm so sad b/c we're going camping this weekend and won't get to see you. :(

Banteringblonde said...

Awww ... I love the that walking gorilla stage, you'll be on your toes now!

Erin Whitson said...

Wow a walker!! Good for him! I cant even get my kid to crawl yet...

Nell@SheSnaps.com said...

Jr, how are you growing up so quickly?! I bet Mama is proud and sad at the same time! ;)


Momma said...

what a wonderful milestone to come upon!!

now it's time to add another baby...lol