Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009


Do you have any financial questions about starting your own business, investing, and saving in our current economy? Well I am excited to share that TOMORROW from 10am to 11am EDT I will be part of a team that gets to interview highly respected financial advisor, Suze Orman!! You can submit questions here and I'll ask as many as I am able, or you can submit questions via Twitter by following Suze @suzeormanshow! Suze Orman's financial advice and the Q&A session I will be a part of will be turned into an infomercial for AVON, so go ahead and ask your personal finance questions, and who knows, you might be just a few adjustments away from financial freedom.

Follow me on Twitter as well, @MicheZ. I will also be Twittering the audio cast live and submitting my (and your) questions.

It is Earth Day! I love Earth Day; it is like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day wrapped into one for our lovely Mother Nature.

Since today is for celebration of the Earth, there are a lot of fun activities to join in! Baskin Robbins usually gives out a free small cone of ice cream, too; however, I haven't found any information on whether they are doing it this year. It is still worth the drive to go see though, because, hey, it's ice cream! What better way to celebrate the Earth than by eating some ice cream on a lovely spring day? UPDATE***It seems I have Baskin Robbins and Ben & Jerry's mixed up-Ben & Jerry's gives out the icecream for their birthday(yesterday), not Earth Day, so no wonder I couldn't find anything when I tried to look it**

What am I the most excited about this Earth Day? The movie, Earth. It is a heart warming story that follows three animal families as they journey across our planet, brought to you by the creative minds behind Planet Earth in a fashion of emotion, beauty and intrigue that only Disney can do. And if you go see the movie in the theaters, the amazing Disney company will plant a tree for each ticket sold during opening week!

Have kids and don't think you can go to the movies? Well, never fear, a lot of movie theaters have summer programs that will be starting soon where kids of all ages (babies too!) are welcome. The movies are usually free or a few dollars, and they play movies that have been out for a few months (so by the time the programs start, Earth should be one of the movies showing! Whoo hoo!)

Here are a few of the sites to check out:

Regal Entertainment Theaters
AMC Movie Theaters

Ask your local theater, too. They may have a community kid time they offer and you just don't realize! And a great activity to get some energy out after the movie? Plant a little garden with your kids! They will love digging in the dirt, and Bonnie Bell has eco friendly, bio degradable containers, so you can introduce your children to caring for our Earth.

Happy Earth Day!


Stephanie said...

I want to see the movie. It looks really good.

Swansons said...

I think you might be thinking of Ben and Jerry's. They do free cone day every year on their anniversary and it just happens to be the day before earth day- so I got my free cone yesterday!
Yay mother earth! Have fun doing something earthy with the kiddos!

Miche said...

Oh DANG! I missed the free icecream cone then! I thought it was an Earth Day thing-I remember going last year for the first time with you. OH well, we went to the icecream shop across the street and enjoyed that outside today :)