Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Children Know

We have all had those moments where you just want to crawl under a rock and die, but parents experience them in ways that are unique, and frustrating.

Oh yea, you know what I am talking about; those moments.

The ones where the children KNOW they can become tornadoes of destruction, unleashing their wrath in waves of terror more fickle than the Greek and Roman Gods.

Oh yea, they throw...TANTRUMS, and ususally they save the worst ones for the times when you are in public.

And try as we might to remember that ALL kids do this- push the limits, test the waters, and just see how much they can do before mom's head explodes and you really do SkinThemAlive, it is hard to not feel the stress and pressure that all the other adults give as YOUR little bundle of joy and light of your life proceed to kick your shins, scream, and claw at your legs, all because you asked if they would like to have some water and NOIDONTHAVEJUICE.

While all this is happening, it is terribly hard to not wonder if everyone is judging you, shaking their heads because you don't spank, or because you do, or because you try to reason with the little joys, or because you don't. And don't worry, they are, and for all those reasons.

You just have to realize, no matter how you parent, others will judge, others will disagree and others WILL TELL YOU IN NOT SO NICE WAYS. But you know what? So long as you are lovingly disciplining (for more on what I mean, you can ask-but in my opinion spanking shouldn't happen past the diaper stage and before the steady walking stage, and even then only in the most dire of needs-like running in the road or something-)your little ones, and doing your best to turn them into rational, well behaved, self sufficient, hard working adults with positive self images, then you are doing a great job. And for those tantrum moments? Just scoop up your joy and leave the area, and your child will eventually calm down, even if that means having to leave and go out to the car.

And for all the strangers that are staring at YOU? Well, I find that just throwing myself into a tantrum as well helps to move them along. Most people don't like to be around crazy people, and most of us on this crazy journey have come to realize, Parents ARE Crazy People, so we might as well use it to our advantage.


Stephanie said...

We have only had a few melt downs...thankfully, but this is the beginning for Mika...for us, walking away seems to work...god bless you for having two lil are an awesome mom!

Casual Friday Everyday said...

So true. So very true.