Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Make A Bird Feeder

I love hands on activities for kids, and I was so lucky to work in a fabulous day care where we did all kinds of creative, fun, learning activities with the children. So, I have been excited to start doing a lot of the ones I especially enjoyed with my own children. This one is easy, simple, and environment AND budget friendly since everything is edible or out of the yard. Without further ado, here is how to make a bird feeder with your little ones:

Now that spring is here, I hope you guys have lots of fun with this activity; it can be done outside or inside and has minimal mess involved. Also, find a great place near some of your windows, if possible, to hang the feeder, then you can enjoy watching the birds with your child! This activity can also be a more involved learning activity for older kids, as you point out different kinds of birds, their colors, what kinds of homes they make-you can take this as far as your child shows interest and even make a great homeschooling lesson on birds out of it. Super fun, super easy, and that is what Works For Me Wednesday! Check out We Are THAT Family for more great tips!!


Stephanie said...

I remember doing this in school...super fun b/c I love peanut butter. Do you remember making a christmas tree out of a magazine?

Momma said...

that one is a great idea!! although Sweet Pea would probably just eat the peanut butter. lol

Such Lovely Freckles said...

How very cool. Thanks for sharing this. :) And thanks for the visit on my blog.

Casual Friday Everyday said...

I remember that! I haven't done this with the kids yet... need to! Looks like he had a blast.