Monday, April 20, 2009

A Funk

So I have been in a funk lately. Being down here in AL has been getting to me, and honestly I am not quite sure how to get over it. See, I had planned to be back in NC, where our house, friends, and family are, by the end of May. That was THE PLAN. However, things have changed, and it looks like we will be down here until next fall, or maybe even longer.

And while I am oh so glad my hubby still has his job, and I am oh so excited that he has been given more oportunity, more responsiblity, and more leadership within the company he works for, I am little (OK, a lot) depressed over the fact that it also means we will be living down here longer.

Not that AL is bad, it isn't. I have even found a couple of great play groups that I joined, have made a couple of great friends here, and I enjoy the idea of having a pool this summer with the kids.

But then, I also found some super cute curtains that I think would be perfect in our living room. Back home. In NC. And while I could just buy them, and hang on to them and see, I have enough windows that I would be covering to really make the purchase a huge amount of my savings to spend, which I don't want to do unless the said curtains compliment my furnature the way I think they would. SIGH.

The curtains aren't really a big deal in the long run. It's just curtains, and we have gone 5 years without curtains, so it really isn't a huge thing.

It is the not being in my house that is getting to me. That is the big thing. Not having my furnature, and my stuff-my shoes! My CAN OPENER (I hate the one here, I'm in a fight with it at the moment because it refuses to open cans without ripping the said can sides to shreds first...). And my yard with all the great yard toys for the boys. The slide we were going to build a ladder for! I am missing all that stuff especially hard right now, as I realize it will be even longer than I thought before we can go and enjoy our home, friends, and family again.

But, I am really grateful I get to be down here with Bill, because though it would be OK if we had to be apart, being together is so much better; it would just be so sad for him to miss out on the boys AND I would be missing him way more than I am missing our home.

Besides, home is where ever we are, right? So, for now and a little longer, home is here in AL and that is OK, because we are together.

And because I'm just going to go ahead and buy the curtains. If they don't work in the living room, I'm pretty sure they would work in our bedroom, esp with the color paint I want to put in there as soon as we get back....


Andrea said...

Oh Miche...I am so sorry. I feel your disappointment balanced with the thankfulness. It's bittersweet for sure. :(

You're doing all the right things: writing about it, acknowledging it, working through it.

You're always in my thoughts and prayers! Love you, friend!

John and Caitlin said...

Oh Miche! That post made me so sad for you guys!

I know its hard to be away from home and all the people/places/things you love. And I'm sorry you're fighting with the can opener.

I'm thinking about you guys. I'm sorry you're missing home. the second you guys get back we're going out for celebratory sushi.... :)

Stephanie said...

I totally know how you feel. I have only been in Ft. Wayne for four months and I still feel like I am in a funk. I miss home! The weather is warming up and the feeling of blah is drifting...and I am sure your hubby loves you for supporting's tough in today's economy. You have to go where the work/money is at...Hugs to you!

Swansons said...

you have a right to be sad, we miss you guys! But I know that you truly are grateful for everything you have and will come out of this funk soon!

The Mummert's said...

I feel so bad for you, I know how hard it is to be away from friends and family. I'm also happy that Will has kept his job, Craig was not so lucky. Just remember that you can weather any storm with God and His unfailing love.

Casual Friday Everyday said...

Oh I'm sorry hun. HUGS!