Monday, July 28, 2008


My friend, Audrey, from Mom Generations has started an online motivation group for any of us wanting to lose some weight or get toned! Super!

Starting Monday, the 28th, we are all going to get some help from fellow bloggers on Twitter, and some super help from some personal trainers that have volunteered to give their input and exercise advice. Way Awesome for people like me who are "exercise challenged". I just never know what exercises to do to get max. results to my problem areas. (Right now, mostly my belly and triceps.)

So, for the next 12 weeks, every Monday we will "tweigh in". Everyone will email their weights, or just how much weight you lost that week, your choice, to: tweightloss [at] gmail [dot] com.

I'm 141 now, so I would love to get back to 125, but that may be too much too fast for only 12 weeks...but at any rate, Skinny Jeans, here I come!


Octamom said...

What a great concept--I bet the online support will be so encouraging--and yet another innovative use for Twitter!

Thanks for your comments over at my 'place'--appreciate the feedback on kids and bathtimes!

LOVE your profile pic--so gorgeous!

Stephanie said...

I think that's great! You know, I still get asked if I am, I guess my problem area is my tummy :)...part of that is a hernia so I can't do too much about that...oh well, I have lost all of the weight that I want to loose...I can do some sit ups to tone, but my hernia pops out if I do more than 30...sigh! Good luck!

Mark Salinas said...

Great job with Tweightloss...stay active!