Monday, July 7, 2008

They don't quite fit..

New Born diapers that don't quite there anything cuter? The diapers were so bit we had to fold down the tops and pull the sides in extra. But, judging by how much and how often JR eats, I have a feeling the newborn outfits and diapers will be fitting very soon!

His umbilical cord finally fell off a few days ago, so now we can give him a real bath! So far, the sponge bath was not too bad and he only complained a little, so maybe I will have another water lover on my hands!

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Stephanie said...

That is too cute! I am so excited to meet everyone. When Mika was two days old, she had a huuuuuge blow out diaper. She was covered in poo from head to toe so we had to give her a bath no matter what ;). The nurses at the hospital told us it was ok to give her a bath at home, but be gentle around the belly button.