Friday, July 25, 2008

Potty Excitment

This is Little Dude helping me bake. He ate more than he stirred, but that is half the fun of it!

So today I got to see my neighbor's little boy use the potty and I was very excited for him AND his mama!!

When I told my brother in law about it, and how exciting it was, he laughed and shook his head at me.

I suppose only a parent on the journey or about to join the journey of potty training can share my excitement at Cole's achievement. I am excited too because Little Dude has been really interested in using the potty, and has actually been telling me every so often he wants to sit on it AND he actually has used it a few of those times! COOL BEANS!

But I must say, it never occurred to me that I might one day be crazy excited and cheering for someone using the bathroom....


Mark Salinas said...

I have 3 kids myself....past potty stuff and on with the new challenges! Nice site!

Kelsey said...

That is awesome! E and Y are still working on the potty thing *sigh* Im starting to think they will be 20 haha

Octamom said...

It is amazing the things we turn cheerleader for once we enter the mommy ranks!

Love your blog--and the pic of your little guy with all the chocolate--ADORABLE~