Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Top: Me, My Mom, Granny, JR (in Granny's arms) Bottom: Little Dude, Me, My Dad, Granny, JR (in Granny's arms, but blocked by flowers)

I was lucky enough to get to see my Granny this past weekend. She is 90 years old; so very hard to belive such a busy woman has that many miles behind her! I am quite proud of my Granny; she heads up the Pender County Beach Big Sweep and helps out her best friend, Jean Beasley with the Topsail Turtle Project. Like I said, she is a busy woman!

My parents were also with her, so we had the unique opportunity to have 4 generations in a group picture. That in itself is a blessing and I am so glad my sons will get to have a photo of their Great-Granny.

Top: My Mom, Little Dude, Me, My Dad, Granny, and JR Bottom: Bill, Little Dude, Me, My Dad, Granny, JR

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