Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Toddler/Baby Organization

Toddler/Baby Organization works for me! I have many soft cloth baskets around the house (which you can get at target, wal-mart, sams club, bjs, etc very cheaply) and they are designated for different baby/toddler toy items. Some area for books, one for blocks, one for rattle toys, one for cars, one big one for get the idea.

But what is the best way to keep the organization going? I slip in PICTURES of what the basket is supposed to be holding in the area where you would normally write a word. So, for example, our ball basket, has a picture of Little Dude's balls in the basket as the label for the basket INSTEAD of just the word: BALLS.

It works great, and Little Dude can find the right basket from the picture,and know what goes in that basket. You can see Little Dude in his "reading area" with the book basket in the background.

This could also work for shelves. Just simply set up the bookcase/shelves/play area however you want it, take pictures, then print them out on your printer on regular paper and tape them in the designated areas. Again, for example, a picture of the "reading area" taped to the wall over the reading area. (Scotch tape should work without messing up paint or wood, but check a small area in your home first, as what works on my walls may not work on yours)

Well, that is what works for me, and I hope that it helps your with getting your baby/toddler to put toys back where they go! Go check out Rocks in my Dryer for more helpful tips!


Jess B said...

This is a great idea, we do it, too. Instead of just having the picture, though we also include the word so that the kids can begin to recognize the word associated with the picture. So the balls would say BALL and have a picture. I read somewhere that that will help with reading skills later on. I don't know if it works, but at least the toys are picked up! :)

Muthering Heights said...

I do something similar, but I love your idea of using pictures! Thanks for the tip!