Monday, July 21, 2008

I am his

I think JR and I are finally getting to know one another. I'm beginning to learn the subtle differences in his screams/cries/gasping for breath because he's so mad sounds.

Amazingly, there are differences. The screams are usually to eat-and he goes from super fine and dandy to screaming in .o8 seconds. Thankfully, he is starting to go 3 hours now consistently and even giving us a 4 hour stretch AT NIGHT. Awesome! The cries are usually when he wants to be held, cuddled, or something scared him. The "mad as a hornet", "to mad to even breath" sounds, are usually when he has pooped. Or if I haven't responded to his "I want to be held" cries from earlier.

So, we are figuring each other out, he seems to also know that when I come and start talking he can calm down, because I am there to fix whatever I can. He doesn't mind that I am guessing, he is just glad I am there, and that is such a confidence booster for me.

After all, he is mine, and I am his. God paired us up because we are meant to be together; I just have to remember that, even when I am feeling like a "bad" Mom and think I am getting everything wrong, JR doesn't care, just so long as I am there and doing my best.

Opps...I am starting to hear the "mad as a hornet" cry over the baby monitor....I am off to change a diaper! I think...


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, absolutely amazingly precious!!


Beth said...

Wow he looks so much older! Its been only 2 wks! Thanks for the peds info. Michael is off Fri and Sun, maybe we can do something depending on how long it takes to get our new AC installed Friday. Byebye $3600, *sigh*

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful way to think about your relationship with a child!