Sunday, July 13, 2008

Party Pooper

So, we took the boys out to a party last night. It wasn't a huge party, by any means, but a nice get together of all our kidless friends, which meant it was more of a party for them than us.

Though I had tons of fun, it hit me, as I spent 45 minutes of the party breastfeeding in a bedroom, that the party phase of my life is long gone.

The all nighters before tests in college, the random road trips off to anywhere at the last minute because, hey, it sounds like a good idea. Drinking way too much before college football bowl games.

Those days are over, now replaced with bedtime stories, snuggles, kisses, and baby voices saying "hi, bye, mama and dada".

My sons may be "party poopers" (literally and figuratively) but there is nothing I would give to go back in time. Nothing. Because you know what? NOTHING is better than hearing the little voices of my sons snuggling in for a story. What a wonderful phase of life I am at.


Andrea said...

Well, I hope you had a good time - you're party poopers are always, for me at least, the highlight of any party and quite the entertainment, too! Popple sure has turned into a ham!!

Kelsey said...

Wonderfully written!

AUdrey - Mom Generations said...

I loved this post... this rings true for me so much. I love that photo of you and the boys! You look beautiful! Oh... how I wish I was at the same party as you!! Also - I am so happy that the money was raised. I had out out 5 emails to some companies we deal with looking for donations... I hadn't heard back. Will you please, please, please keep me updated on everything?