Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Capture: Emotion

So, I finally got pictures off my camera, though they are on my laptop instead of on my computer, because, well, I have left my camera cord in Raleigh, and I'm in Mobile, and only my laptop takes the SD card.

Anyways, this week's You Capture was one that was hard to get a picture for; we had to capture Emotion. And, regardless of how many times I tried to capture emotion in my kids (which promptly caused them to turn away and hide their faces-not terribly conducive to showing off emotion)I just couldn't get anything.

And then yesterday I was watching Oprah. Yea, I got EMOTIONAL because her show was all about brave kids with disabilities or who over came huge medical issues. And those that didn't, like little Elliot. Did you guys hear the letters the father wrote to his son? OH My GOD the floodgates opened. Oh dang, I cried. So, frankly, as my kids napped, I was a ball of sloppy, sniveling tears on the couch.

And then it hit me during commercial break-with upbeat commercials that got the floodgates to slowdown a little-crying is an emotion! Aha!

So I took a bunch of pictures, trying to capture the tears in my eyes and that had been running down my face for the past hour, this was the best attempt:

But, as you can see, the tears didn't show up well with my photo skills.

I tried everything I could think of to get the camera to focus on my tears and the tear steaks all over my face. I even tried to show how my shirt was spotted with tears, but that didn't show up either. Photographer I am not.

And the more I focused, the less I was teary eyed because another emotion was taking over. Frustration.

So I took this picture of me trying to adjust my camera yet again-the frustrated face:

And after writing this post and going through the photos, I found myself laughing, so I took this photo of another emotion-joy:

There is my attempt to take some photos of emotion; go check out better attempts atI Should Be Folding Laundry! I'm sure there will be some fun ones!


Andrea said...

The tear picture made me tear up.

The frustrated pic made me think of how much you and Lil Dude favor each other.


The Jr pic made me smile.


casual friday everyday said...

I tear up to a good story, too. You're such a pretty little thang.