Monday, June 1, 2009

He's Smarter Than Me

My first baby is rapidly becoming a boy. Each and everyday I see leaps and bounds in his language, motor skills, and knowledge. Oh yea, he is already smarter than me.

Today I droped Bill off at the airport and prepared for another week alone with the boys. I found myself remembering how difficult getting the two ready for bed by myself actually is, since I was spoiled with a weekend of sleeping in and having my sweet hubby around to help with everything. As I struggled to get pj pants on JR (who likes to wiggle!) and pick up/kick toys back to where they should be, I asked Little Dude to please put his dump truck away. The rest followed like this:

Me: Please.
Little Dude: silence
Little Dude: silence
Me: Do it now.
Little Dude: looks at me
Right NOW.
Little Dude: looks around bedroom, as though he can't see the giant dump truck toy blocking the doorway

Little Dude looked at me, looked at his dump truck and said:

"Oh that? Mommy, that not dump truck, that a front end loader!"

He must have realized his short life was in jepordy, because he did then promptly put it away.

Oh my, this is not good. He is already smarter than me.


John and Caitlin said...

You're kids make me laugh every time I read this blog! I love it!

Andrea said...

Oh Geez, haha! Love this blog entry. He sure is smart, yes, but he doesn't know just yet that Momma is always right!!

Momma said...

lol!! that is totally awesome. at least you know that he was confused and trying to listen to you. :)