Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally Here

We are finally back in Alabama, after an all day drive with the kids. Whew, it feels so good to be here, even though I am still sad that I'm not there in Raleigh.

In an update, the house we were hoping to invest in (read below post) ended up already being sold at an auction from the previous week, but its status had not been updated on the HUD/MLS listing. In fact, none of us knew it had already been sold until our Realtor went to put our bid in, and we found the bid couldn't be accepted. Oh well. We are pretty disapointed, but like I said, it would've just been one more thing adding to the chaos we already have!

And, now we can do a bit more research into how to set up rental documents and agreements, since we will eventually get into investment property. I'm hoping we are back in Raleigh by the middle of August, so I will be on the look out for a potential rental property starting then. It would be awesome if another HUD home came along!

Well, now I am off to work, but keep checking back this week, as I have some really nifty giveaways to offer AND I have tons of cute pictures from JR's first birthday to share!

Somehow, I became the parent of a one year old and a soon to be three year in the world did that happen?

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Erin Whitson said...

Hey! I know you already have an agent who can answer most all of your questions - but we do property mgmt too at our firm if you have any questions about that let me know! Its actually keeping us VERY busy right now - so its definitely a good investment - good luck!