Monday, June 22, 2009

Just Another Monday

It's Monday, a day that, in my opinion, is the most blah day of the week. Monday's should be half days just so they aren't such a shock from the weekend.

I set out early this morning to finally discover what was broken in my blog-for some reason it was not loading properly in IE (Internet Explorer) but since I use the much more awesome Mozilla Firefox, I had not noticed the IE issue until I got on our laptop-which until yesterday only had IE on it. That problem is at least fixed.

Anyways, I spent a lot of time yesterday playing around trying to understand why IE hated my blog, and after getting some great tips from on line friends (and slowly plotting to take my domain to a real web host so I could actually call someone for help the next time an issue like this happened, Blogger, though free beyond domain registration, has the most horrible support help) I jumped on this morning refreshed with new ideas to try and ready to get to work on reviving my blog.

Only now, it seems to be loading just fine. And I can't figure out why. Oh Blogger, you mock me.

So, if anyone finds that my blog suddenly isn't working in IE, give me a shout at

Now, I have to get some work for my real job done before the kids get up.


The POSHpreneur said...

Hi there! :) I know that my blog is also having issues with IE--i think it is the mix of blogger and IE :(

Alexandra said...

i am glad you fixed it!!! i hate those problems. my hubby says that most web designers hate ie because it is full of problems and not as up to date as firefox.