Monday, June 29, 2009

Dinner Out With A Toddler

For fun this weekend, we went out to dinner as a family. On a chance, we asked Little Dude where he might like to go-and apparently Red Lobster is his favorite place ever. Marketing gurus-your ads are working on my 2 year old.

Anyways, we decided Red Lobster was, in fact, a great dinner place for us to try out as a family, so off we went.

Dinner was great, our waiter was amazing, and we had a ton of fun! Little Dude even ate most of his meal, proving that it must really be his favorite place ever.

The only thing that can through a kink into a nice family dinner? Well, it went something like this:

Us: eating and talking
Us: Looking at JR, knowing what he's doing.
Little Dude: giggling
Us: smiling
Us: SHUUUSH! It's OK....
Little Dude: (Sorta Loud Voice) Will his poop be green?

Oh my.


Simpson5 Family Blog said...

I can only imagine, we have not ventured out that far, not by ourselves at least. My surgery is July 20th.

casual friday every day said...

Little kids! lol

Bailey (Makeover Momma) said...

Got to love meals out! I feel something embarrassing or loud always happens...but nothing is worse than when they melt down in public!

Erin said...

Hah! Your life sounds very much like mine!

John and Caitlin said...

I love it!

Big Bang Theory comes on Mondays at 9:30. I think it's CBS. We're going to netflix the first season so we can catch up. :)

Alexandra said...

I am falling over!!! lol

To Think is to Create said...

Gotta love that last line...

sheila said...

Found you through Such Lovely Freckles.

Lol at this post, hysterical! :)