Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to JR!!

I blinked and a year went by! JR is a year old now, starting to walk, got 4 teeth in on the day of his birthday (that explains some crankiness the week before, eh!) and he is a bundle of joy with true Gemini attitude. He is either crazy happy or throwing a fit. Lucky for us, the majority of his days are crazy happy.

Birthday cake was a huge hit; and we got the cute ones at pictured at Wal-mart, with the writing decoration done by yours truly! We had a ton of fun at the beach celebrating with Grandma and Grandpa B, taking the boys bowling, and swimming.

It has been such a joy the past year for my sweet hubby and me to parent our boys, and we feel so blessed to have JR as a part of our family. Happy Birthday, JR!

This hat was so great, even though JR protested having to wear it.
Trying to walk and wearing his FUN TO BE ONE shirt!!
Do you think he liked the cake? Oh yea!!
Here was the cake before it was destroyed and enjoyed by JR!
And here is the cake the rest of us ate-it too was chocolate and oh so yummy!

Happy Birthday, JR, my new little Toddler!


casual friday everyday said...

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday little JR... Happy birthday to you!

Awwww Miche, I know this has to be so bittersweet.


ErinWhitson said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Alexandra said...

awww....happy birthday!!! it looks like so much fun!!!!

Stephanie said...

I can't believe he's a yr old...I remember when he was a month sweet!

Swansons said...

wow- happy birthday JR! I know your boy can eat so I am sure he loved his cake- did he eat the whole thing?!haha