Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fingers Up My Nose

Yesterday I was working, and doing my best to catch up on the huge pile of "to dos" I had, er, still have, while the kids played on the floor around my office. Now that JR is bigger and starting to walk, he and Little Dude play so very well and entertain each other a lot, which is super great for my work hours.

Until one or the other takes a toy from the other. Or JR goes for the train tracks. Or the blocks. Or the race get the idea.

So, Little Dude came running over, eager to tell me what ever it was that JR had done to him, and distracted me from work.

And so, I took a moment, scooped him in my arms, and started listening to his sordid tail of destroyed train tracks, thrown cars, chewed on blocks and oh heavens no the knocked down complex he had built.

Like a good little parent, I listened, knowing that these were all issues the boys would work out themselves, and by simply letting Little Dude vent all would be well. So I really focused on each word, and each gesture Little Dude used to explain his annoyance at having the train tracks disrupted, because, you know, they have very important work to do!

And then it happened.

Little Dude stuck a finger UP MY NOSE. It took me a second to process what he was doing, and how to react, so for a few seconds, we just sat there looking at each other. Well, me looking, Little Dude still explaining the demise of his trains.

So, I did what anyone with a toddler's fingers up their nose would do, I asked him why his thought it was a good idea to stick his fingers up there. While pulling his hands off my face.

His answer?

Because yes.

Oh geeze.

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casual friday every day said...

Oh boy! LOL That sounds like sooo much fun.. someone else's finger up the nose. lol