Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Watching History

I wish Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr could have been alive to see today. Though I am not the biggest fan of some of Obama's ideas, I am still quite proud to have the privilege of watching history in the making and very hopeful he will do a fantastic job.

Watching some of the pre-party things going on, I noticed too that Bush looks so relaxed and happy. With all the beatings he has taken over the years I am sure he is as happy to be out of office as the rest of us are.

I'm excited to watch the inauguration tonight and excited for what the future will hold.

And my goodness, do you not just LOVE the jackets Michelle Obama wears? I'm in love with the green one she was wearing today and the beige one yesterday was so lovely with her outfit.


Melissa said...

I also wish the new president good luck. I think that he and the American people will truly learn what a difficult job that President Bush has had over the last 8 years, when they discover how truly dangerous our world can and has been.

I am also a fan of Michelle's fashion sense. Having said that-I really did not like the gold/green dress that she wore on the day of the inaguration. It didn't do her justice.

Nell @ Casual Friday Everyday said...

I'm also not a fan but it didn't make me any less proud and excited to see history being made.


Momma said...

I did watch the inauguration and it was with mixed feelings. As a country we have come so far. But there are so many people out there who voted for him for the wrong reasons. It seems so many people wanted more to see a bi-racial president than a good leader. Not saying he won't be, only time will tell. People are so quick to bash Bush and yet he has been the one to keep us safe from terrorists after the initial threat. And it's hard for me to think that MLK would only have been talking about how proud he is to see a bi-racial president in office. He was more about judging people by their character and not their skin color. I wish he were alive so we could hear is opinion on the subject. There is really no way to know if he would have supported Obama or not.

Oh and I love Michelle's fashion as well. I just hope that her 4 years doesn't become all about what she is wearing.