Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Me Me Me!

My friend Jessica tagged me to share some info about myself. So, here goes:

I am: a work from home, cloth diapering, vaccinating, breastfeeding, pro-life mama and loving, adored and adoring wife

I know: how to play the French Horn, Flute and Piano; I am just not terribly good an any of them. I can also tell you a lot about the middle ages.

I won: My high school band won tons of awards; we rocked. I also rock Wii bowling. Oh yea, skillz here.

I want: More clothes. Do I have room for them? Or need them? No, but I still love shopping

I have: 2 great boys, 1 amazing husband, 1 crazy dog, awesome in-laws, and the best sisters and siblings in law ever. I also have a passion for reading. Don't bug me while I'm reading

I hate: people who litter. Can't stand it.

I miss: My friends and family in Raleigh

I feel:
pretty awesome!

I hear:
Quiet; the boys are sleeping, whoo hoo!

I smell: Nothing-maybe bananas from the kitchen.

I crave: diet Dr. Pepper. Greatest stuff ever

I search: for a used Mei Tai or Ergo carrier

I love:
God and my family

I care:
about my toenails. I love painting them different colors

I always:
go to the library on rainy days. I love reading.

I believe: That only you can control your happiness.

I sing:
in the shower, the car, while watching Disney movies with the kids-and they tell me to stop, so I guess I am not that good.

I write:
all the time. I have the secret dream of writing a book

I lose:
my sunglasses ALL the time. Hopefully I'll never need real glasses; I'll be screwed.

I never:
Eat Jalapenos. I have no need to test my mouth; I know I am a wuss.

I listen:
to all music; classical, country, rock, pop, Grunge, Right Now I love Flogging Molly and Taylor Swift

I am scared of:
Strangers around my kids. I don't like anyone to talk to my kids

I need:
to work out more and eat better

I am happy:
about my life;it may not impress anyone but me, but I think it is pretty great and there is nothing I would change

I'm going to tag Nell, from Casual Friday Everyday, Andrea from Miss Priss Does a Blog, Caitlin from Soon to be The Briggs' from and Beth from Bringing Up Baby


Nell @ Casual Friday Everyday said...

What fun to learn so much about you. I wish I knew how to play piano...even a little bit. I'll play along with you... likely tomorrow.


Momma said...

how fun! I love stuff like this. Random question: do you delay vaccinations or do the recommended schedule?