Monday, January 19, 2009

Children vs Church

Oh yes, it is a battle of epic proportions going on every Sunday. Little Dude is an angel most of the day, EXCEPT for the one hour we want to spend in Church.

And what is really killing me about his horrible, embarrassing, temper tantrum from hell, church attitude?

It gets him what he wants, because he wants to leave church. And he KNOWS Bill and I will take him out of church before we kill him. So, the whole way to a corner for time out, he is smiling. Regardless of how long he has to stand there, or how much I lecture him, or make him sit in time out, or even smack his hand or swat his bottom.

He doesn't care. In fact, I think he welcomes it, because it means HE GOT OUT OF CHURCH.

So this weekend? We changed up the discipline tactic. On top of having to leave and stand in the corner, we stayed after Mass. Mass was done, and Little Dude thought that, after having missed more than half of it on and off in a corner with me outside, he would now get to go home.

But us parents tricked him; we STAYED. For the ENTIRE time he had missed for being bad. He had to sit quietly in the pew, with his hands on his knees or folded for prayer.

I think we might have had a break through. I'll let you know next Sunday, but I THINK he might have realized he needs to not hit, bite, scratch, scream, throw stuff, or roll on the floor kicking while we are at church.

I THINK.....


Lora said...

We're having the same problem with our 21-month-old. It really makes us dread going to church which sounds horrible, but it's true! I'm not sure if she'd understand what we're trying to teach her if we tried your tactic. How old is Little Dude?

Lora said...

Thanks for the comment! I'll be interested to see your update!

Actually, we're not refusing vaccinations altogether. I'm just delaying them awhile to let his immune system get stronger before we inject germs into him, KWIM? There are a few we'll be skipping altogether (varicella, flu, etc.) but he'll end up getting most of them eventually. It's a very hard decision with risks no matter what you decide. I'd definitely recommend that book, doesn't try to tell you what to gives you both sides of the story (info on the diseases and risks of getting the vax) so that you can make an informed decision.

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

I'm totally impressed. When we came up against this issue we used our cry room. Many parents let their kids go in there and just be crazy but we called it the naughty room. They were still expected to sit and by quiet, we just knew we weren't disrupting nearly as many people when we did have to correct them, but then there would usually be a predetermined loss of privilege before we arrive at church that would occur if they ended up in the naughty room.
It is soo hard though because you want to teach them the right way to behave but also don't want them to end up hating church long term!
I can't wait to hear what happens next week. Even if it doesn't work (though it sounds like it should have, but he is a id so he might need to test the waters...oh just one more time) ven if it doesn't work you get a big ole thumbs up from me for the idea and an A for effort!

Nell @ Casual Friday Everyday said...

Look at you laying down the law. You go Mommy :)