Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mom's Night Out

My sweet husband gave me a mom's night out. Oh and it was much needed and greatly appreciated. I went to Barnes and Noble, I drank coffe, I read stories, I shopped, and I got a fabulous pair of shoes, and, most importantly, I got recharged. Oh it was heavenly. And what was going on while I was out? Bill had a fantastic time playing with the boys, and caught this little gem of fun:

Oh yea, he has a fireman hat as his football helmet, a beer coozie as a watch, his football, and some sunglasses he got as a goodie at his friend James' birthday party last weekend.

Isn't he just the cutest? I know, I am biased, but really, he is pretty cute in this getup.


Caitlin said...

Miche: I love you. Seriously. You're the best. :) And while we may never agree, I think its fabulous that we can disagree and still get along.

As a side note, your kids are fabulous. Although I still have not met the baby. Im excited to see you in a few weeks!

PS: Fabulous shoes? What do they look like? Im pretty sure I'm not allowed to buy any for a while.

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

too too cute!!!
glad yougot to recharge. Dad gets bonus points for not only letting you get out but also for thinking to capture such a great moment

Momma said...

he is so so cute!!!

and I am glad you got to have a night to yourself! they are so important.

Nell @ Casual Friday Everyday said...

Oh Miche, I so need one of those. I'm glad one of us Mommy's got one! And it sounds like you made the best of it and had a wonderful time. Good for you!

:--) Nell

Scribbit said...

No you're right, he's darn cute.