Friday, January 16, 2009

Team Work

Having our two boys has changed everything for us in very good ways. Since JR's arrival, it has become pretty hard to do those spur of the moment get together our single friends might do, but instead we have spent tons of time as a family, and having lots of fun just finding simple things to do. Even being here in Alabama, as much as it is sad to be away from our friends and family and our home, has made me think more simply and to realize how really, Less IS More.

Being away from our family and friends has made us have to spend a lot of time finding ways to entertain ourselves cheaply. So we have a lot of dinners at home, a lot of playing with the boys, playing Wii, and lots of time being a family and just enjoying each other.

Me and the boys being goofy in our PJ's.

My husband and I even joke that we are "Team Z" now, since we don't have any help down here and it is "us" vs "them" (the kids) all the time. All joking aside, the very real teamwork that parenthood throws you into is such a wonderful way to celebrate and strengthen your devotion and I am loving every minute of it.

Team Z on New Year's (yes, we made it to midnight, my how our New Year's have changed since College....)

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Nell @ Casual Friday Everyday said...

I love the pictures. You and the kids look so sweet together and you with hubbs look so happy.