Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ode To The Gym

Since we moved down here, I have been a little sad about not getting to work out much. Sure, I can try to do videos and floor excersie at the house, but have you ever tired to excersie with two little kids watching you and climbing on you? Yea, it is kinda hard. And nap time is the best time for me to get work done, since I can finally work uniterrupted.

Also, unlike our little neighborhood back home, there isn't a place to take the kids jogging in the stroller here. At home, I could just step out the door and go jog down our street, but here, I really can't since our apt. place is on the corner of two major roads and both don't have sidewalks.

So, Bill and I were excited to discover the local Omni Fitness gym! They open crazy early and close crazy late, so Bill can fit in a work out either before or after work AND they have daycare for the kids! OH MY GOODNESS. Getting a 2 hour break from the kids during the day is just MARVELOUS and so motivating to go work out! The kid area is great with all kinds of climbing equipment and play houses AND the age groups are separated, which makes me super happy. Little Dude actually didn't want to leave yesterday because he had been playing with a little friend.

Yesterday, I did yoga and ran for a bit. I feel so good today and am so excited for it again tomorrow. And the best part? The yoga/pilates instructor is one of the girls from one of my mom's clubs! That made it super fun.

That, and the fact that for almost 2 hours I didn't have anyone climbing on me, pooping on me,spitting on me, pulling on me, or following me around asking "why?". Oh sweet gym, how I love thee.


Lora said...

That's awesome! We have a gym membership, too, but I barely ever get to use it. The first time we went and took the kids to the baby-sitting area, the baby-sitter's kid bit our daughter...twice and broke skin both times! Even though they fired the baby-sitter (not for that...they caught her smoking in the bathroom), I'm still nervous to take them back.

Nell @ Casual Friday Everyday said...

Excited about the gym? That's a new one. hee hee

I'm teasing. I love to get exercise but I'm an outdoors kind of gal. I'd love to be roller blading or hiking or just outside with the kids.


Andrea said...

Yay! That's so awesome, getting a workout AND a small break from the kiddos. This is going to do wonders for your mental outlook (not that you need any improvement,but it'll make you feel so good!)

You go, girl!