Monday, February 25, 2008

A Visit From My Sister!

My sister, Lisa, is here to visit for a few days! Yay! She is super fun and creative, so I love to spend time with her. Since she lives in Asheville and is still in school I don't get to see a whole lot of her. In a few weeks she will be going to Texas to see the rest of our family for the summer and spend time with our Grandma! I wish I could go too, but I know she will have tons of great pictures and stories to tell when the summer is over!

Little Dude said the word "Duck" yesterday! AWESOME! He wanted his rubber duck and was pointing at it. When I picked it up to ask if he wanted his duck, he got SOOOOO excited and said "Duck"! Man, I am just blown away at how many new sounds he is making! Most of his "talking" only I can understand, since I have been listening to him all day and know that "ink" is drink, woof or oog is Dog, eow is cat, and know "uck" is duck. yay! He is saying "Dada" a lot now too!

It was so funny, this whole week while Bill was in TN working, Little Dude kept grabbing a picture of Bill and me and walking around either saying "Dada" or doing the sign language for "Daddy". When Bill finally got home on Thursday, Little Dude was shrieking with delight and kept insisting Bill hold him and play with was SO CUTE!!!

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Andrea said...

I so enjoyed yours and your family's company yesterday. I hope you really enjoy your visit with Lisa!

And thanks so much for the pics, I am working on ideas as to where I want to put them.