Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Piano is Fixed!

Last Wed I had David Carson come over to fix the piano and let me just tell you-it is like a whole new piano!! WOW. I never thought the pile of ruble we owned would ever EVER sound as good as it does not. Mr. Carson is a miracle worker. And, it only cost $125 -much cheaper than any of the other places I had called.

On top of it he teaches piano, so I am already plotting to have our children go to him for lessons (should they be interested). Little Dude loves "playing" with me (I suppose you could call my part "playing" too). So, at any rate, I think at least he will want to learn.

I highly recommend him to anyone needing a piano fixed, tuned, brought back from the dead (that was mine). He was a really sweet guy and it didn't take him to long to fix it-even the broken keys! I think about 3 hours, so for $125, that is a very good deal.

Some of the guys I had called never returned my calls, and some people I emailed said it would be a flat fee of anywhere from 300-500. One guy didn't even do estimates, I was supposed to tell him what was wrong-like I would know! "Um, its broken and the notes C and G# sound the same?"

So, I went with Mr. Carson, even though picking the cheapest guy is sometimes scary, in this case it turned out perfect. Also, he was only going to charge me $30 for an estimate that he would apply to my bill if I chose him to fix it, so I figured I couldn't lose.

Should you pass by my house, you may hear the music of angels coming from our downstairs-yes, that will be Little Dude and me banging away on a WORKING piano!

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