Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quick and Easy Breakfast For Toddlers

Well, today has already been one of those days, so this morning we had a very quick and easy breakfast! As a general rule, I will make a hot breakfast, and esp. on cold days like today. I will also make batches of muffins and pancakes and then store them in the fridge or freezer to save for a day like today when everything just goes wrong!

However, when I am even out of my backup time saving breakfast items, this is what I do:

I get some yogurt, bananas and granola bars. For the most part, yogurt is a mess to feed a toddler; however, if you mix it with very very finely crushed granola (I use granola bars and just mash them, still in the bag, on the counter) then the yogurt becomes manageable for Little Dude with relatively little mess! And, it is still quite healthy. The bananas are easy to mush up for him, so he needs very little supervision while eating(giving you a chance to get the, say for fun, BABY LOTION he somehow reached off his dresser and OPENED and then SQUIRTED ALL DOWN THE HALL, CARPET, AND LIVING ROOM. While your child is eating, stay in sight of him/her though, but with this quick meal idea you don't have to sit right next to him the whole time.

And you could substitute any fruit, canned or fresh you have, plus any kind of oatmeal,baby cereal, crushed up cereal, even grits, anything that will help make the yogurt more solid and easier to stay on a baby spoon or even thick enough for him/her to grab with their hands.

However, remember this meal advice should be used only if you feel it applies towards your child's ability to eat. Little Dude is 17 months old with 10 teeth and on his way to being a competitive eater, so I do have to watch the amount of chewy food he puts in his mouth, but with very soft meals like this, he is good to go while I try to clean up lotion.

So on that note, I am going to go start washing the towels I used to clean up lotion. On a plus side, at least the house smells like lavender now!

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