Monday, February 18, 2008

Fab's Birthday!

It was my brother-in-law, Fab's birthday on Sunday, so the family got together and went out to eat and hang out. Good times! Fab is an artist (and an amazing one at that, even if I might be a little biased) and we got a tour around their house to see the projects he and his wife Leigh Ann have been working on. You can see some of his art actually here in Raleigh! He won a contest for beautifying they city, and so some of the city buses now have a beautiful Raleigh themed mural on them! Needless to say, we are all super proud of him!

This weekend the in laws (mine, thus, Bill's parents) stayed with us and hung out with Little Dude. It was super fun, as Little Dude now knows to show off TONS when he is the center of attention. Yes, I am the parent of a preforming ham bone.

We also FINALLY got the living room all set up again after our big painting project-whew, we are glad that is done! The whole upstairs is now painted, and next we get to start building our deck in the back yard...I cant wait for that to be finished! It will be so fun to sit and relax on the deck!

I am sad we are still in water restrictions to the point where there is no outdoor watering of any I am scared I will loose my rose garden. :( :( And I really had planed on landscaping around the deck once we were done; however, that will be a project for when there is more rain. I want to get some rain barrels for watering what we do have growing outside, but I will have to work a little more on finding cheap ones somewhere, as the ones I can get from the City of Raleigh are a little over 90 dollars...geeze!! I did find some in Idaho for 27 dollars, but as I couldn't buy them online, I will need to call the store and see about shipping and such to may just end up being the same price and easier to get the ones from downtown...we will see. In anycase, even if we get more rain here soon, I do want water barrels, as I feel it is a good way to get water for outdoor plants for free instead of using the city water we pay for!

I am a little sad that I don't think I will be able to do the baby pool in the back yard for Little Dude when it gets hot...he has the cutest little pool too and LOVED it last summer, so I know this summer would have been a hit. And, for a crazy hot day it was a nice way to get him outside for a bit without cooking him in the sun! (the baby pool has a shade cover) Maybe if I leave it out rain will fill it.....It is so small I would just go ahead and fill it this summer but I have one neighbor who really doesn't like me or Bill (I think it is because we lived together for 3 months before our wedding after my apt lease was up, but really who knows) and I am certain she would call the city on us for using the baby pool. Sigh. Maybe it wont be too hot this summer. heh.

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Karen said...

You can always bring the baby pool over to our place and we can all sit in it. HA, I'm not sure it's big enough for all of that, but surely there is some way to get around not being able to fill it up... like washing things in it after he is done playing or something.