Wednesday, February 27, 2008


OK, guys, by this time tomorrow I will know if Baby Zeren is a boy or a girl-then the shopping can begin!! I am so super excited that the hours are already dragging by! Luckily, Little Dude and I will be going to library time at Cameron Village here soon. That will take up a good 2 hours or so, depending on Little Dude's mood. Hmmm, so only 22 more after that to fill..and I'll get to sleep 6 away....awesome!

So, I got the new Pottery Barn Kids magazine yesterday. Can I just say they have the MOST beautiful bedding and children's things? But seriously, how in the world does any one think it is a good idea to spend 80 dollars on a baby quilt? I LOVE LOVE all their stuff, and esp. their Pottery Barn Bedding magazine and store, but goodness, even if I won the lottery I would have a really hard time coughing up that much money for a piece of cloth my child is going to eventually throw up on, pee on, and perhaps even poop on. But they do sell all the items separately, so if a cute girl or boy blanket goes on sale, then I might consider getting one for Baby Zeren, if the price is reasonable.

I am also debating what to do with my jogging stroller. I got one as a gift from one of my preschool parents (yes, they loved me, yes, the preschool I worked at was crazy and expensive and the parents were crazy rich). But, now with two babies and Bill working out of town often during the week, it will be impossible to go running as Little Dude is not at all old enough to leave alone for even a few minutes, let a lone long enough to get a workout. So, I am considering selling the one I have for around $100 (that seems to be what they go for on craigslist) and putting that money towards a double jogging stroller. Has anyone used one before? Are they super heavy? Is there a kind anyone could recommend?

I do have a double stroller I got for 50 (including shipping!) off ebay, which is awesome, but it is not one I could run with, as it is waaaaaay to heavy. I have tried to find one used, but they either look broken, worn out and still cost around 200 or they are new and of some yuppie brand so they are being sold fr 5 or 6 hundred....yea, no. I found a brand new one online at One Step Ahead for a little over 200, but since it is not in a store or a particular brand, I can't find out how heavy the stroller itself is to push, let alone with two little kids in it.

After this baby though, there is one thing I know: I am going to have to find time to work out, even if not for health, just for a time period to zone out for a bit!

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Beth said...

Don't take too long shopping today, we want to know what it is!!