Tuesday, February 12, 2008


We went to the Circus with our neighbors on Sunday!! It was sooooo much fun! Little Dude's eyes were like saucers the entire time. The show was so fun and I loved seeing the elephants and trapeze performers! I have some pictures I will upload soon, but it might be awhile as we have so many projects going on.

First, we are painting our upstairs, finally. If you have ever painted with a Toddler around, then you know it is a crazy, slow process...hahah! Anyways, we hope to be done by this weekend. We hope....

Second, Dakno is getting pretty busy for me, but I am learning more and more, which is very exciting for me. We also have some super cool upgrades to make maintaining a website even easier for the everyday, non computer skilled people like me! (Though actually, I am gaining some skills...soon I'll be a computer geek extraordinare!) Anyone thinking of having a personal site or especially anybody in the real estate business, our program and set up makes everything sooooo easy to do that you no longer need computer people on your staff to maintain your site. It rocks.

Third, our neighbors got a dog, which is awesome, and gives me the chance to get rid of the extra dog stuff we have; however, all that is under the house in our storage space. SO, I have to go through all of that sometime soon for them.

Fourth, once we are done with painting the upstairs we are going to start building our deck in the backyard and hope to have that done before the baby comes...we hope....

Fifth, we also have to get down to Jacksonville and help Bill's parents move to their retirement tome in Wilmington! Yay!! We are so super excited for them and we are going to benefit by getting some nice bookshelves and awesome coffee tables! Super yay! I will definately put pictures of the finished upstairs once we have all the new furniture. (I am also going to try to be crafty and make curtains, if they turn out you will see those too!)

All exciting stuff to do, but all will take time that doesn't seem to exist now that I am an adult. I remember everything taking forever when I was little...now the day flies by and I have no idea where it went! Well, Little Dude is letting me know he wants me. Later!

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