Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Random info

Here are new pics our our pride and joy! The giraffe little dude is playing with in one of the pics is the giraffe we got for him while we were in Las Vegas last February! We had just announced to everyone we were pregnant and since I was unable to drink all the free drinks while gambling (that was a bummer) Bill said he would buy me some baby stuff (that made missing out on the free drinks much better) and one of the many items he got me was the giraffe! Amazing how much can change in a year, eh? Not only is our little guy here, but he is rolling around, hugging and playing with the giraffe! COOL!!!

Well, there is not any huge news to share, so I thought I would just talk about general stuff we have been doing. Tonight the East Tenn. Concert Band meets and I will be there while Bill and little guy go to the gym! Yay! I must say that playing with a group again is very fun! Also, Bill and I have been doing great going to the gym and so far it has been super fun! Yesterday we played with the medicine ball, did some rowing, raced each other around the track and then did some weights....cool huh? Yes, I am proud of us keeping up the work out so well! In other great news, the girls at the gym daycare LOVE our little guy and one girl that wasn't working, but was there working out, saw up picking him up to go home so she ran in to say hi to him! That makes any parent happy when the daycare people love their kid, even if they do only see him 1 or so every day!

Tomorrow I have CCD (catholic religious ed for kids getting ready for confirmation, for those of you who are not Catholic)and the kids were begging me to play "hang man" with them, SO we are going to play it, except with all religious terms. I'm thinking I will give them the definition, and then give each kid a turn at guessing a letter; the winner can be the next to draw the "hang man". I hope they get something out of it! It should be fun though!

We just found out a little while ago that our friends, "Sarge" and Carma, are due in July with their first baby! YAYAYAY!! They live in Seattle, WA and we went to their wedding last summer while I was pregnant...it was so beautiful and fun! Now we can't wait to get back out there after their little bundle comes so the kids can meet and play! Most of our readers know "Sarge", but for those who don't, he is Mike, also an ex-army ranger(he got out last year) and now he is a WA State Trooper...also all throughout school (he and Bill went grew up in the same neighborhood as kids) Mike was all about Army stuff, so I guess the nickname "Sarge" started then, and only became more cemented with his careers. Anyways, for the longest time I had no idea what "Sarge's" real name was! Also, just for cool trivia info, I met Sarge at the party Bill threw to celebrate getting an apt with his brother, John, and friend, Justin, which is also the same party where I first met Bill! Awesome! Who knew going to a party could lead to meeting such WONDERFUL friends and a future husband?

The MOMS Club here is having a play date at the mall tomorrow morning too. Little guy and I are going to try to go, so long as nap time doesn't interfere. Next week we will be having a play date with other kids around his age (up to a year) and I think it is going to be at my house..I haven't heard yet if my place was chosen yet, but no one else had offered and its WAY TO COLD to meet at a park. I offered it as a place for one, it will guarantee I won't get lost trying to find someone else's house and for two, our house is laid out perfectly for blocking the kids off in one area to play, while the moms and I can snack and talk and watch the kids with no problems. I made a great little play area for little dude, with mirrors, and real pictures and his toys, that I think will be fun for the other kids too. Anyways, I will let you guys know how that goes.

More more news, it has be FREEZING here...really. Yesterday it was 18 degrees Fahrenheit at lunch time....18 degrees!!!!! ARRRGGHH!! Today it has not gotten over 20 degrees. Can I just say I HATE cold? Fall is awesome, beautiful and crisp; once it starts getting to freezing temps though, I am done. DONE. Now I am ready for summer.

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