Thursday, January 25, 2007

Friends/moms club

Hey guys! Here are a few pics from the weekend home! The party was lots of fun and catching up with everyone was great! It has been way to long since we have been back! Our new home is great, but I am looking forward to being back around our friends and family soon! (maybe next year? keep your fingers crossed for us guys!) Notice the lack of Wolfpack memorabilia on our walls...yes, I know, we repainted the basement and redid the floors last summer...and yes, we have been that busy, and gone that much that we have YET to have gotten all the Wolfpack items put on the walls...I know, a travesty! I promise to get on it the next time we are home!! Go Pack!! Yay, for Coach O'Brian! Check out for cool updates of our team!

In other news, little guy and I went to a Moms Club event ( and it was VERY fun! Our little guy is getting big enough that he is now enjoying our play dates and outings!

We have an AWESOME baby bookworm time at our local library and there is a great Mother Goose time nearby as bookworm reads for all the kids, Mother Goose does a lot of nursery rhymes and singing and is GREAT! Today we got to play with maracas and little Dude LOVED it! It is so much fun watching all the children at these events; they just love playing together and hanging out! I esp. love the wide-eyed look our little guy gives everyone....I think he is amazed there are other small! It's great!

For any new stay at home moms, or even just moms that need extra ideas for entertaining their kids of all ages, Moms Club is a great resource! I have also found some great resources at Mothers of Preschoolers too! Check it out: MOPS is super good because it supports both at home AND working moms and has weekend family activities....Moms Club is geared more for stay at home moms and helping them find activities to fill the day hours while Dads are at work, though they do have some weekend events depending on what members of the local groups want/need.

I am excited to be at the "motherhood" point of my is GREAT! I also cant wait for some of our friends to start having children too...there are a few I know of trying right now and I just can't wait for all of us to get together and watch the children play...guys, how fun will that be? AWESOME!!!!

And I can't wait for all the kids to be preschoolers, then I can pull out all of the notebooks with games and ideas from my days as a preschool teacher! YAY!!! Just wait til I show you how to make "magic" bottles! (it is corn syrup in a normal soda bottle-wash out very well-and add in color dye-if you want-and colorful items of different weight and size, then turn the bottle over and over. The items will "float" around like a lava lamp! You can also do it with oil and water...dye them each different colors, then will mix to make a "new" color, then slowly separate again..."MAGIC!!" Preschoolers love it! Anyways, I am all ready for little guy to be 3 or 4! Heehee! My kids will think I'm so cool until they get to middle school.....

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