Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Big news!

Big news! As of yesterday, our little Dude is rolling around everywhere! yay!He finally got the hang of it! He looks so cute doing it and he seems pretty happy to have the mobility now! Alas....Bill and I have to get off our butts and baby proof two houses...yikes! lol! I will get some action shots soon of the rolling fun!

In other news, since it is 2007, Bill and I decided we were just becoming to lazy, so we decided to join a gym! I went and checked one out that was recommended to us by one of Bill's co-workers. It was so fabulous that Bill and I signed up the next day! (Also, the registration fee and first month were free because of some money back on our credit card and the discount from Bill's co-worker). There are indoor and outdoor pools, and little dude is LOVING the swimming! Also, there is a childcare area, which lets Bill and me play tennis, or work out, or run on the indoor track, while little dude gets to play and socialize with other babies! Very cool! We tried racquetball the other day, and it was pretty fun! I suck at it, but I vow to get better, because Bill is really good at it! Today I went to a Yoga class that was just super fun! Little Dude got a puppet show in the baby room too! Let me just say we are loving the gym!

Also, here is a picture of Eddie, our dog. I am posting this so I can show off how nice he looks when he is clean, because for one, I just washed him earlier today, and two, he as since rolled in the mud outside and has gotten unrecognizably dirty. *SIGH* Let me just say it is a PAIN to wash him because he hates the water, hates the tub, gets water and hair everywhere, and tries throughout the entire bath to get out...one big wet mess for me to clean up after we are done. So, on that note, I am just going to look at this picture of him clean and pretend he is clean because I refuse to wash him again for at least a few days. There is only so much icky, dog hair and dog water I can mop off the floor for one day! LOL! On another note, this picture is from our stay over night in a hotel when we got stuck in an ice storm....the pet deposit was big enough that we let Eddie have the other bed in the room...he was LOVING life there. And doesn't he look beautiful and clean?

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