Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Visit Home

Well, we had a great visit back home this past weekend! We were able to get a lot of our friends over on Sat. and catch up while enjoying some mighty fine drinks and food! Thanks to everyone that came over! I will work on getting pictures from the weekend posted...right now they are still on my camera....I know, I am a slacker!

In other news, I was watching Oprah today while little guy napped, and her topic was right on base for me..."Motherhood...to stay home or work?" It is a tough choice for many women, work or stay home? But from my experience so far, I would highly recommend staying home.
True, women must put their careers on hold, or maybe even give them up completely, but honestly, is there anything more important than family? Is anything more important than the special moments of childhood? I do sometimes feel badly that I'm not "contributing" money wise to help Bill, and sometimes I do wish I had the daily interaction that work bring and sometimes I wish I could buy things for Bill or other family members that I know he/they would like. BUT at the same time, what greater contribution can I make than to teach our son our values? To hold him when he is sick? And read to him? Feed him? Take him outside to play?What is better than telling Bill that little guy sick, but that I was able to hold him all day and comfort him, that little guy never had to cry 10 min for food or attention? We cant have everything we want right away; we have to pinch pennies and save; we have to make plans for future projects around the house and yard, but it is worth it.

I am blessed to have the option; I know many moms that wish they did have a choice and I am quite happy and blessed to be at home, sharing special moments with my little dude and being super wife for my husband....after doing it, I cant imagine anything better. Here are some more pics of our happy little guy!

Well, Bill will be home soon, so we will be going to the gym! I have to get ready and pack up little guy! Talk to you all later!

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wegallag said...

Make sure when you post the pics of the party to comment on Briggs hiding behind the pole.

Congrats on the little one again!