Thursday, January 18, 2007

little guy

Well, little guy is now 4 1/2 months old! Wow! Time is flying by fast! He is eating baby food now for one meal a day and he is really enjoying it! Now at dinner he watches Bill and me eat...I think we have an eating machine on our! Here is a picture of him first trying food! Well, actually this is the 2nd time, but the first time he didn't actually get any of the baby cereal in his mouth, it ended up all over the floor because he knocked the bowl over...soooooo this is his first time actually tasting the food! Bill had a grand time feeding him, and after two weeks of practice our little guy is now quite good at opening his mouth and swallowing the food! Then he quickly opens his mouth again...for more food...and more food....and see the pattern. So far he is up to 4 tablespoons of cereal, and that is quite a bit considering his tummy is as big as his for now that is the most I will let him eat of the cereal, though I am letting him nurse as much as he wants. Luckily he nurses about every 4 hours....AWESOME. Also, he is sleeping though the night about 12 hours now! And in even bigger news, this morning he woke up on his tummy! Yes, I know, amazing! He rolled over in his sleep! Very very cool! I love sleeping on my tummy, so I know he must be figuring out what position is comfy for he is so amazing!!! Do I sound like a bragging parent? Yes, I know, but I just cant help it! He is so wonderful! Here is a pic of him cant tell he is rolling, but trust me, he just rolled over and is quite proud! Doesn't he look look like "What just happened?" haha! Also, the cute jumper he is wearing is from his awesome Abuelo Bianchi! Ed got it in Argentina while he was there visiting his mom...isn't it beautiful on our little guy? It makes little guys eyes look so blue! Notice the deck of cards in the picture? Bill and I play cards on the floor with little guy sometimes and so far the deck of cards is the one thing he will work really hard to get too...whenever we get back to Raleigh he will be all ready for Poker Night with our friends!! OK, that is enough update, now I have to get packing for our visit home! Yay!!

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Laura said...

Ok, your little man is just too cute for words! Just love the little rolls! What a sweet family you have.

~ Laura ~