Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Super Bowl

Well, the super bowl was pretty fun! My little sister, Lisa, came up and spent the night so she could watch the game with us! Her visit was really fun! Bill and I got all excited we were going to
have a visitor here at our new place, so we went crazy making treats and finger foods! Yummy! We also found a GREAT recipe for cheese dip on Food Network! I love Food Network; all the cooks are like my extended family now..hahah! Anyways, we made bunches of finger foods and drank some beer and had a great time. Lisa and I cheered for "DA BEARS" simply because it reminded me of the Saturday Night Live skit with Chris Farley that Julie Z has...if you have not seen it, tell Julie you have to because it is AWESOME! Sadly, "DA BEARS" lost, but honestly I did not care, nor did I pay any real close attention to the game...Lisa and I were having much more fun talking and playing with little guy! heehee!

In other news, our little guy is now eating green peas. Yes, green peas, I know, he is such a big boy! They are the baby food jar green peas, but he LOVES them!!! I can not feed him the peas fast enough LOL!!! Since I love peas too, it makes since...must be my kid! haha! Anyways, he is enjoying having some taste to his baby food and in a few days we are going to try carrots. I think we will go through the veggies, then meats, the fruits. I am not sure if that is a good order, it was just one I came up with, so anyone with suggestions feel free to leave them. Also, right now, our little guy has a cold. It has not been to bad, except last night he really started coughing a lot in his sleep...so needless to say I did not get much sleep because I was up worrying about him! Gosh, who knew how much you could be concerned over a cold? Parenthood changes everything so wonderfully! Anywho, I am not sure if I should take him to a doctor (he has no temp) or if I should just get a grip and realize that at some point he was going to catch a cold, so getting one in the winter is normal. I guess I am lucky he has not gotten one before now! I am surprised he hasn't had an ear infection yet....all the kids at the daycare had them ALL the time...but our little guy has been all good with his ears...I'm going to say it is the breastfeeding, but honestly I do not know if that helps or makes a difference, but it makes me feel good. So, anyone with advice/stories on how to handle the "first cold" please feel free to share!

Today, 2-6-07, little dude and I went to the Oak Ridge Children's Museum with the MOMS Club girls and we had a blast! There are play areas that mimic a kid sized house, rain forest, desert, and the secret city of Oak Ridge! We weren't supposed to take pics, but I snuck a few in. We hung out, watched the older children play, played with the kids close to our age and best of all I got to talk to other moms for 3 hours...very fun and informative! I got great advice on dealing with two kids and spacing them and such. I really like all the women/girls in MOMS and I have a lot of fun with them, but I must say they are a little hippie for me....like all of them (that I have hung out with so far, 11 women total, there are more members, but not in my little guys playgroup age) use cloth diapers (except me, I am polluting the earth with BJ brand size 2) and they all make their own baby food from organic sources or buy organic baby food(except me, I am polluting the earth with tiny, baby sized glass jars and polluting my child with ungodly toxins from the mutated peas placed in the tiny, baby sized glass jars). Other than those two issues, I really like all the girls. You would've enjoyed being there when they heard my thoughts on organic baby cereal(seriously, the stuff is able to last for 5 years..how? preservatives, my friends, preservatives. And when something is packed that full of preservatives, does it matter anymore if it is organic or not?).....their looks were great. Thank goodness they all seem to like me anyway, so I guess they aren't to hippie.....

Also in more news I had my first secret shopper job today! Cool, eh? I just take little guy with me and evaluate stores! Then I just wait for money to come in.. as Borat would say"Very Nice".
Well, little guy is up from his nap, so we are going to get ready for the gym! Bye!

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Nice pics of Lil Joe!!! =Þ

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