Monday, February 26, 2007

Baby Play Date

The first picture is from this morning, when I gave Little Dude his first taste of chicken. He insisted upon having the spoon, so I gave him an extra one to play with (the one you see in the pic) while I fed him. It was awesome-after I would put a spoonful in his mouth he insisted upon putting his spoon in his mouth....thus the mess started and just got better from there. It is a great picture though, don't you think? It really looks like he fed himself...hahaha!
Here are pics from Play Dates with the MOMS Club group! Our playgroup, Baby Bears, came to our house Tues. and it was tons of fun! I made Leigh Anne's pepperoni bread and everyone loved it-Thanks, Leigh Anne!! All the babies had tons of fun playing together with Little Dude's toys and all of us Moms loved sitting and chatting together!

I must say MOMS Club has been a great activity for me to keep busy with while at home with a baby! The club activities keep me motivated to get up and dressed and out of the house to go to new places, which is great, because being at home makes it easy to be lazy and not leave. The club is also making it easy to learn where stuff is located and gives me a whole group of resources to call on whenever I have questions. I have made some great friends in the club so far and as happy as I will be to go back home when Bill's job up here is over, I will also be sad to leave all the friends I have made here and the club.

Here also is a pic of Little Dude and his fellow friends at the MOMS Club Valentine's Party! from left to right: Little Dude, Devin and Taylor.

These three are part of the Baby Bears playgroup, along with about 4 other babies. The Valentine party was fun even though the babies just played on the floor. All the older children were cute to watch as they got all excited about their cute!! Tami, one of the moms, hosted the party and she did a great job of having all kinds of kid activities from the oriental trading company. The party was a hit with the kids...I'm taking notes for Little Guy's future birthday parties......

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