Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Little Swimmers

Well, the 4th was Little Dude's 6 month birthday...hasn't it gone by very fast? I can not believe how quickly the time has flown! He is getting bigger by the minute! On the 5th we started swimming lessons in a baby swim class at our gym. So far it has been quite a blast and Little Dude is enjoying it! Today, in fact, he went under water for the first time! Awesome! He loved it, even though I was really nervous about it. He came up smiling; so perhaps we have a fish on our hands! The other kids and moms are very fun too, though they are all at least 4 months older, but I am keeping notes on what the instructor does with them so I can remember and do them later this summer. Can I say that swim diapers are the most extraordinary invention ever? They dont come off and hold everything me...they work amazingly well! And we got some with Winnie the Pooh and Nemo on them...SO CUTE!!!!!! I will try to figure out how to get a picture of baby swim for you guys. I think I will have to get a one time camera for it because I am just to nervous about my camera getting wet! So, keep your eyes out for a pic...I will work on getting one soon!

MOMS club is great; we are loving the play dates! Little Dude is becoming quite social and quite fascinated with the other children! I'm glad he is already confident enough to roll away from me and play with other kids, though a little sad he is already showing independence. I did actually cave to some of the home made baby food recipes...avocado is now a favorite of our Little Dude's...though I love it so much too that I guess that is not a huge surprise. Since I don't have a food processor I have gotten away without to much scrutiny on buying baby food...but one of the mom's made a comment that kinda hit me.....there are not much variety out there in the land of baby food. It's the save 4 veggies, same 4 fruits and variations of those mixed with beef or chicken or turkey. So, on that thought, I have decided to make what I can and so far Little Dude has LOVED it...he has had avocado, cottage cheese, yogurt, cucumber and mashed potatoes. Amazing? And all things I can fix for him with minimal work or clean Borat would say...VERY NICE!

Also in other big news, we have a crib for Little Dude! Yes, I know, we had one back home but since it was a free used one, it was hard to get together and we did not want to take it apart for Little Dude has been sleeping in a pack n play since out growing his bassinet. The pack and play has been fine, except now he is getting up on his hands and knees every so often, so we were scared of him pulling up inside the pack n play and falling out. Yes, we know we can take the raised part out and use the big pack n play, but you forget how short I am! Ha ha! I tried a few times having him sleep in the big area and I ended up having to drop him the last few inches, which was a disaster if he was asleep and no so pleasant if he was awake....SOOOOOOOO Bill and I talked and decided it was worth the money to get a good crib, esp since the crib, the bassinet and pack n play (along with a lot of other great things, like an awesome breast pump and tons of clothes) were all given to us. Since we have not had to buy a single expensive item for him yet, we decided to get a good convertible one and let me just say it is AWESOME. It converts into the cutest toddler bed, then day bed, then full size bed. AMAZING. It is so beautiful too and will be a beautiful bed for him when he's older. Also, once we have a second child, one will have the crib, and the other the toddler bed; super exciting! I'm bringing up his crib bedding from home this weekend and really getting his nursery here set up right. I am super excited!

It is amazing how much it is feeling like home here now. I guess that happens after living somewhere for 6 months, but now that our time will be counting down from here til Aug and we have the possibility of going up to Virginia I am a little sad to think of leaving. Esp our church, it is wonderful and very active...compared to our little church back home, we selfishly wish we could take All Saint's back home, or to VA. Well, Little Dude is up from his nap and ready to eat...we are actually having chicken and apples (from a baby jar) so I better get going! Bye!

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