Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The end of swim class

Here is our swim class! Left to right: Tracey and Owen, Missy and Ben, Mary (the instructor) and Little Dude, Rhonda and Nick, and Marlee and Isaac. Today was our last official class, but all of us moms are going to continue to meet at 8:30 am to swim with our little guys and then work out together. It has been such a fun group, we just all couldn't let it end!
Here is a pic of the others doing some swim kicks. Isn't our gym pool nice? There are two more outside and a fun baby pool!

This is my beautiful sister, Lisa. She came to see us Monday and it was SUPER fun hanging out with her. I love her new haircut that Little Dude is pulling my hair, I am tempted to cut mine short looks so cute!
Here is Little Dude with his Easter Bunny from Granny! Isn't it amazing how big he is in his car seat? When we brought him home from the hospital, he was almost to little for it!

Here is a nifty gadget made for shopping carts. It covers the handle, so he can't lick it the whole time you're in the store, and it adds nice soft cushions for him to sit and lean back on, so the ride is all comfy for him. He loves it and it makes shopping easier now that he is sitting up pretty well. Also, I am a this helps with my paranoia. :)

Little Dude trying his first bit of pizza. It is just crust with tomato sauce, but he LOVED it. I have a feeling pizza nights will be a must for him!

Here is another picture of Little Dude sitting up so well. It was such a cute picture I had to post it.

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