Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Thinking about Adoption....

OK, here is a run down of all the new stuff that has been going on:

We celebrated my Mom's birthday on the 31st, which was very fun! We also met Lisa's new boyfriend, Robin. He is SOOOOO nice! So, we had quite a fun day hanging out in the Mountains with all my family and Little Dude got tons of attention from Grandpa. My Dad LOVED using the food processor to make meals for Little Dude and Little Dude LOVED Grandpa for all the tasty treats! We are making plans to go camping at some point this summer with Grandpa and Grandma at Big Creek, which is only an hour away from our temporary home, so in case it just isn't working with Little Dude, we can get back to the house pretty quickly. If anything, it will be a fun day cooking out in the woods and hiking with the Grandparents! It is amazing how, now that I am a parent, my relationship with my parents has taken on a much better and deeper connection...I must say I am loving the new depth to our relationship and theirs! Here is a pic at Mom's big day:

My Mom is so pretty! I hope I look that young when I am older! I think I have a pretty good chance since most people don't seem to believe I am old enough to have been married 3 years and have a child...looking like a 12 year old is finally working in my favor now that I am 1/4 century old....heehee!!

For Easter we are taking a road trip to Ohio to see Bill's Dad and family! Yay! I am super excited because Bill's Dad is fun and he is SUPER excited as well to see Little Dude! Also, our cousins all live next door to Phil (Bill's Dad) and they are just the greatest kids ever. Our youngest cousin just turned 3, so I am happily anticipating playing with all the kids and watching Little Dude with them. He loves the older kids in MOMS Club, so I can't wait to see what he thinks of his second cousins. Is that their relationship? Or is it Cousin twice removed? Or is that the same? I dunno.........something like that! :) On the other hand of the trip though, this will be the first time we have boarded Eddie.....I am scared he will think we have left him. (He is from the pound, so I don't know if he will feel like he has been abandoned again) BUT...I already have a goody bag of treats, toys, leash, and his food all packed for him so he will have familiar stuff around him. I would use the vet's food, since it is part of what I am paying for during boarding; however, I am scared he will have an upset tummy since he had one the last time we had tried changing his food....and the last thing I want is for him to be miserable while we are gone. So, I will report back how he does after our trip. I did a lot of research in picking a boarding vet, so I am confident he will get tons of attention and love....perhaps he will not want to come home....hahah!

Rain occured the day we wanted to go to the zoo, so we decided to put it off for another weekend. I can't wait to go...I really hope we can get there the sat. after Easter! One of the commercials had a baby panda on it....so I am assuming one is there and I want to see it! lol!

I have gotten into scrapbooking, but I have also discovered it is an expensive hobby....so I am now part of a scrapbooking club and we all share our tools...yay! I am making a scrapbook of Little Guy's first year. I will let you know if it continues to go well and if I finish it!

OK, now that we are caught up on the latest going on, now to the topic of this post: ADOPTION. I have the growing feeling that I want to adopt a child. I know I have Little Dude, and he is only 7 months (tomorrow! wow!) However, talking to many of my friends that are adopting, as well as a pro-choice friend (who for some reason seems to feel that giving a child for adoption doesn't mean he/she will have a good life), has made me want to give a good life to a child that needs it. I am starting to do some research on adoption, domestic vs international, infants vs children, etc. and I would love some input from people that might be going through adoption or thinking about adoption themselves. I have been looking at Bethany Christian Services, simply because I have 2 friends using them and I don't know what agencies my other friends are using. Bill and I have talked about it a little, but tonight I am going to talk to him about it in more detail. I have also learned that adopting is a little cheaper if it is done through Foster Care....which is actually another thing I have thought a lot about doing. I am a stay at home Mom and why not share the love and time I give my child with another that needs love, attention and stability? The only hard part would be letting the child go, esp if it was back to a parent they had been taken away from in the first place...but again, I have not looked into that option much more than talking to an online friend doing it. What do you guys think? I am not seeing many cons to the whole Foster Care/Adoption idea....in fact, all I can see are pros. Well, maybe a con would be the cost, but perhaps instead of going on a trip of Europe, Bill and I need to give a home to a lost child....Hmmm.....it is something to think hard and pray hard about. I am serious though, I just have this yearn to bring home a child that needs us...perhaps it is just the post-pregnancy hormones going crazy....but I just keep hearing a voice (not literally, that would be baaaad) telling me a kid out there somewhere needs our help.


A Special Family said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comments/questions about adoption. If yo send me yor email address I will answer what I can, am happy to help!
Having been a foster parent to 4 children and now a pap (pre adoptive parent) I looked at domestic, international etc. There are some really good books that will make you start to think about what is right for your family. My email address is aspecialfamily@yahoo.com if you send me an email, that will be an easier way to send you some answers!
Your son is adorable!

AG said...

Go to Europe!

:) Just jokes... (not really).

What you are pondering is great. Amy and I have talked about doing something similar down the road... way down the road.

Norma said...

Hi, Michelle, I am in Canada and I take it you are in the US so don't know what all the differences in procedures are. I am using Family Outreach International - I think they have worked with some American families but they only deal with Chinese adoptions. They are great! Fostercare sounds great if you are a stay-at-home mom - you just need to remember that you will have to give some of the children up. Don't know how it works if you are doing it through and adoption agency. My email is nursendog@yahoo.ca if you want to chat more.