Friday, March 16, 2007

Crawling and band things

OK, our little guy is starting to do the army crawl really well! WOW! Bill and I sat and watched him forever last night as he struggled to get his knees under him and get his body That is the only work that can describe watching him grow up. I can't believe he is the same little guy we brought home from the hospital only 6 months has gone by to fast! So, I guess my time is up for baby that he is almost entirely mobile I better get on the items I had put off baby proofing!

In other news, we might be back in May...yay! It is not official yet, but I will keep my hopes up. The last trip home made me really miss our house, our friends, and our awesome neighbors. In neighbor news, I just have to say our friends, Alan and Amy, have the two most adorable children in the whole world. I miss hanging out and occasionally drinking wine with Alan and Amy...they are super fun and super nice I just want to say I miss them. The neighbors here are nice, but just don't compare to the great ones we have back home.

Anyways, little guy is getting another cold and has been quite cranky about it. He is sleeping right now, which is why I can finally get on here and update for everyone. Sadly, I am lazy and have not taken pics off my camera yet, so I don't have any new ones to update you with....sorry! I will get on it this weekend.

Band is going well, but honestly, right now band is a "hobby" for me. I certainly don't have the time to practice the way it's required to become a truly semi pro musician and play in symphonies or grand orchestras...I honestly barely practice enough to keep up with the local band I am in! However, band is a super fun and relaxing part of my week and I truly love it and all the wonderful memories picking up my instrument brings back to me. Speaking of memories, my long time friend, Michael, is in the Charlotte Orchestra! Check it out: I am super proud of him! He plays the clarinet. We went to high school together and have been good friends for almost 11 I feel old saying that! haha! Anyhow, everyone should make a trip to go see him play; the Charlotte Orchestra is AMAZING. Now that I know someone playing, Bill and I must get back to Charlotte to hear them!

Well, I guess that is all the update I have for now...I will work on getting pictures for everyone! Bye!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle! Glad to see some more pics up. Hope you guys can get back soon!! =)