Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine Fun

Hi, all! It has been quite a busy February! On Tuesday I had band practice for a concert this Sunday and I have been practicing furiously since because there is one part with an A flat above the scale and I can't hit it yet....sigh. The struggles of a! Anyways, then Wed. my CCD class had a party so Little Guy and I brought stuff for that and then had the kids all go over acts of kindness they are going to work on during lent. We had to cover a lot because we don't have class next week for Ash Wednesday...I think we did OK though. Little Dude was very well behaved as well! Bill went out with guys from work and got to do some "guy" stuff, which was very fun for him!

Today, Little Guy and I went to a Valentine's Day party with all the MOMS Club girls and kids...MUCH fun!! I made mac and cheese and everyone loved was only noodles and melted Velveeta and mozzarella.....but I didn't let them know how easy it was to was kinda fun having everyone gush to me about how great it was...haha! The party was so fun; we made valentine boxes and passed out valentines...the older children were having so much fun! I loved watching them all play and interact! Like a dope, I forgot to charge the batteries for my camera, sooooo I have no pictures :( I am sad. However; one of the other moms got a picture of Little Guy and his two other baby friends, Taylor and Devin....she said she would email it to me...if she remembers, as soon as I get it I will post it. At any rate, on the 27th we are having playgroup at my house, so I will get some pics of Little Guy and his friends then!

Also, this week, Little Guy and I went to the Science Museum was VERY interesting. It also had great interactive stuff for older kids; I think I like it better(for kids) than the one back home. There were all kinds of cool games for children to play and there was even a cool mirror room that Little Guy loved (it had mirrors of all different shapes and sizes, showing how they distorted your image, etc). Friday we are going to the library for reading time and a puppet show, going shopping for a birthday present, then packing to head home for the awesome B-Day party! Happy Birthday Fab!!! See all our home town friends this weekend!!

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Myfriendconnie said...

I think I know the science museum you're talking about. Does it have KidSpace downstairs? It's wonderful!